Consign at West & Co.

At West & Co., many of the pieces we accept reflect what some consider a femme style - however, we proudly encourage our consignors to bring in all types of clothing. We welcome everyone, and aim to provide a safe space for all people to express their own personal style! Gender inclusive, curated vintage, sustainable fabrics, and inclusive sizing are our passions.
Let's improve the world of fashion together!

How does it work?

You simply bring your clothes in, they are sorted by our team, and once any clothes that we accept sell, you are given your commission upon request either in cash or by e-transfer.

Our team are specially trained to select what we are confident will sell. Pricing is based on finding current market comparables and the original retail price. Other factors considered are current market demand, fabric and design.

Clothes must be freshly washed, in the current season, and in perfect condition. No sticky or broken zippers, stains, pilling, holes, excessive wear, tears and holes, missing buttons or other flaws. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not accept ANY items from a smoking household, as the smell of cigarette is very persistent. We also refuse any items with pet hair on them. 

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: fast-fashion brands, wedding and bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses, jewelry, most vintage and new furs, business attire, office wear sets. Any Questions? Msg us on Facebook or Instagram, email or call our shop. We're happy to help.  

Do I need an appointment?

Drop off without appointment Wednesday, Friday or Sunday, between 11 and 4.

How much can I bring?

20 items can be brought in at a time - in a shopping bag or a laundry basket. 


What kind of clothing and accessories do you accept?

We accept and sell only items that are like-new and in excellent condition. We look for trendy, mid-to-high-end street fashion bought new within the past two years and also accept eclectic and vintage styles in excellent condition.

Selections are made on factors including style and brand popularity, condition, and current stock. We accept and sell ALL sizes so long as they fit our quality requirements.


Do my clothes have to be on hangers?

No. Please have your clean clothing neatly folded in a basket or box.

How much credit will I get?

You (the consignor) receive 40% to 50% of the final selling price. We price all items based on our criteria, however, please let us know any comments, questions, or concerns regarding the pricing of your item(s).


When can I use my credit?

As soon as one of your items sells, your commision is available on your account.


Can I have my items back if they don’t sell?

Yes, but you must notify West & Co. at drop off if you would like certain items returned to you. You will need to be registered for this option at the time of EACH drop-off.  At the end of your contract you will be emailed to pick up your unsold items. All consignor items unclaimed after 2 weeks from the notification email will be donated. Unsold items are lovingly donated to the Comox Valley Transition Society.