Consign at West & Co.

At West & Co., many of the pieces we accept reflect what some consider a femme style - however, we proudly encourage our consignors to bring in all types of clothing. We welcome everyone, and aim to provide a safe space for all people to express their own personal style! Gender inclusive, curated vintage, sustainable fabrics, and inclusive sizing are our passions.
Let's improve the world of fashion together!


How does it work?

To get started, bring in a box or basket of your freshly washed, in-season, gently loved clothes. Our knowledgeable team will sort through them and select items we believe will be in demand with our customers. We track all sales, and commissions are available upon request after an item has been purchased. You can receive payment in cash, store credit or by e-transfer. Easy-peasy!

What kind of clothing and accessories do you accept?

Our team takes several factors into account when selecting items, including style, popularity of the brand, fabric, overall condition of the item and our current stock levels. We’re on the hunt for trendy, mid- to high-end street fashion purchased new within the past two years. But don’t let that limit you – we also welcome eclectic and vintage styles in excellent condition.
Now, here’s what we DON’T accept: fast-fashion brands, wedding and bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses, jewellery, most vintage and all new furs, business attire and office-wear sets. If your items smell of smoke or have pet hair on them, unfortunately, we won't be able to accept them. Dust off your snazzy, swanky, stylish pieces and bring them in – we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

What are the drop-off times and how many items can I bring in?

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are drop-off days; swing by between 11 am and 4 pm. No need to book an appointment – just show up with a maximum of 20 items and let’s make some magic happen!

How are prices set and what's the commission?

Our pricing strategy takes into account current market comparables, the original retail price, demand, fabric and design in order to set a fair price for your items. When your items sell like hotcakes – which they will – you receive a commission of 40% to 50% of the final selling price. You declutter your closet, we get to share your amazing style with others and our customers go home happy. Win-win-win!

How long are items on the floor?

Consignment duration is 8 weeks, giving your items time to find their perfect match. After 6 weeks, we reduce the price just to keep things fresh. If your items don’t find a home, we'll lovingly donate them to the Comox Valley Transition Society. (Another win!) If you have your heart set on getting your pieces back, let us know during drop-off, and we’ll email you when it’s time to pick them up. Just remember, 2 weeks after notification, we donate any unclaimed items. Come on down and let’s get those threads on hangers!

Why should I choose West & Co for consigning my clothing?

Thanks for asking! For starters, consigning your clothes is a sustainable and ethical way to keep your wardrobe fresh. And you’re supporting a brick-and-mortar enterprise that helps its neighbours and community – talk about good vibes. Plus, we're dedicated to quality over quantity, which means we only accept the best while making a dent in over-consumerism. To top it all off, we’re proud to be a Surfrider- and Green-certified business, contributing to an earth-friendly, circular economy in your neck of the woods. Come join the West & Co. family and make a difference!

Other questions? Message us on Facebook or Instagram, email or call our shop. We’re here to help. 

All inactive consignor accounts are closed after 1 year of inactivity (accounts with no newly consigned goods, no purchases using consignor credit, and no payouts.)

By consigning with West & Co., our consignors agree to our most current  terms of consignment -  available in store or by email.